NEW: NSF Math REU in Mathematics Education Research

The math department has once again been awarded the NSF grant to run the REU program at UConn for the next 3 years! Four students will participate in the Mathematics Education REU. The 10-week project was designed to engage participants in the work of research in mathematics education. Participants work in teams, learning about the fundamentals of educational research and its different methodological approaches, reviewing the literature for a specific topic, developing and implementing a research study around that topic, and analyzing and reporting the study results. Each year a focus area will be selected and participants will have several choices for working on different studies within that area. For example, in summer 2013 we concentrated on Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) and conducted two separate studies: one with a focus on teacher’s and students’ support, and the other on creating an IBL module to enhance the understanding of parameterization of curves in Multivariable Calculus courses.

More details about the projects, presentations, and projects from previous years can be found here.